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The REAL DEAL on COVID Vaccines: FAQ here

We are due to receive our first 100 doses of COVID vaccines (Moderna) on May 25, 2021.

We will be giving the Vaccine to anybody that needs their first dose as a priority, then to patients that require their second dose as a second priority.

Here is a handy reference from Alberta Health about the Moderna Vaccine: CLICK HERE

FAQ on COVID Vaccination:

1) Do I really need to get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Long answer: (see the blah, blah, blah after the short answer.)

Short answer: hell, yes!

The Blah, Blah, Blah: Here's an example. Way back in the day, in the 1950's; young kids were getting polio. It was a horrific disease that left young kids paralyzed. Many of them has to live - sometimes for more than a year - inside an "iron lung". Look it up. It was horrific. Nobody was safe. If you didn't die from Polio, you were permanently altered and you would not grow normally. Today, there are thousands of people in their 70's and 80's that have lived painful lives dealing with "post polio syndrome". Look it up. It was and is awful.

So a widespread mass vaccination program was started.

Did they have years of safety data to reassure everybody that the vaccine was "totally safe"?

HELL NO! Some short trials were done to ensure that no kids turned into Communists or dissolved.

Kids were suffering and dying - lots and lots of kids.

So nobody was asked - kids were just lined up in school and they lined up to swallow their sugar cube that contained polio vaccine.

Pretty much every kid in Canada and the USA received the polio vaccine, and the disease was essentially eradicated in North America by 1979.

We now have a disease that is capable of mutating and killing pretty much everybody. It probably won't kill everybody, but it could.

That's the problem. IT. COULD.

If you live around other people, you are receiving the many benefits of society, such as the benefits of clean & sanitary water, sewer systems, access to groceries and an economy that is supported and maintained by society. You get these benefits without thinking much about them.

Just try going to a place (ie. anywhere in the 3rd world) where those benefits don't exist. You'd regain an appreciation for what you have very, very quickly.

And you pay for these benefits of society through your taxes.

But you have to pay in other ways, sometimes, and one of those "other ways" includes ensuring that you and yours are VACCINATED. By getting vaccinated, you are protecting other people. You are making your society a little safer and you are able to keep getting the benefits of a functional economy and robust society.


If you remain unconvinced - we have a tinfoil hat to sell you.

Go get vaccinated. It's the right thing to do.

Be a Patriot. Get Vaccinated.


2) What are the "real" Side effects to the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna)?

Well, you can read all kinds of stuff about this - and if you google this, you will soon discover that the world is full of crazies. No - you can't trust a lot of what you discover on GOOGLE anymore.

That's the whole problem with GOOGLE - the word should NOT be a verb!

Here is the "offical" information from Alberta Health on the side effects on COVID Vaccines. We've reviewed all of the information - it's very accurate! OMG: the Provincial Government actually did a GOOD JOB!

No - we didn't expect that either - but they did a good job. Read about the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine Safety and Side Effects HERE.

Here are the "most common" side effects we have been seeing from the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines:

1) Sore shoulder.

Yes - your arm will be sore. Damned sore. About 50% of people report this.

Here is our advice on how to deal with this: Suck it up, Princess ;-) - you'll get over it.

Okay, okay: if you really can't stand the pain - then take Advil (Ibuprofen) if you're not allergic to it. If you are allergic to Advil (Ibuprofen), then take Tylenol (Acetaminophen). Use the directions on the bottle.

Almost nobody is sore by day #3.

2) Tired - damned tired.

For 99% of people that get the tiredness, it is gone by day #3 after vaccination.

Here is our advice on how to deal with this: Hot bath, Advil or Tylenol. And rest. Take it easy. You'll be better soon.

3) Headache - usually low grade.

99% of people that get a headache, respond very well to Advil or Tylenol. Occasionally, people will experience migraine. Hard to know if they would have gotten one anyways, but your Doctor is able to treat migraine very effectively. If you get a migraine from your vaccination, give your Doc a call.

4) The serious Stuff

More serious side effects are very rare - like "the chances that you will win the lottery rare".

These potentially serious side effects are the following:

  • shortness of breath

  • chest pain

  • leg swelling

  • stomach pain that does not go away

  • severe headache that does not go away

  • blurry vision

  • bruising (other than from your injection)

  • purple bruises anywhere on your body

  • bleeding - more than "normal" (ie. nose bleeds)

If you get any of these symptoms following your COVID shot - call your Doctor.

If you can't call your Doctor - call 811 and talk to the Nurses that answer. If the wait time to talk to a Nurse is too long - go to the nearest ER.


3) Are they Microchipping us with the COVID Vaccine?


But does this technology exist? Could they do this if they were smart enough and organized enough?


In fact, Engineers at Columbia University recently have been able to create a functional microchip that takes up a volume of no more than 0.1 cubic millimetres and is small enough to be injected into somebody with a small needle. See the article about the technology here.

But despite this, is the Government capable of and able to come up with a plan to create a "plandemic" and cause all of this disruption due to some nefarious purpose?

Very unlikely.

Quite frankly, nobody in Government is smart enough to do all of this.

And to pull something like this off, you would need at least 2 or more really, really smart people in Government, with impeccable organizational skills, higher education, experience and extreme capability.

Most people with those abilities stay far, far away from Government.

Did China cause the pandemic on purpose? This is also unlikely. Did they screw up? Probably.

The international community will eventually come closer to the truth, and will hold the perpetrators accountable in some way.

Regardless, we now have technology (ie. mRNA vaccines) that was conceived of, developed, implemented and distributed - all within one year! That is absolutely amazing.

Doing the same thing to eradicate polio took at least a decade.

Here is our advice: never doubt the incompetence of your Government. They just aren't smart enough or competent enough to implant a microchip into your body to track and control you.


More to come.....

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